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09 July 2010 | By: abbychau

Light Up The Tube Map

Light Up The Tube Map

Lampshade We've had our eye on The Old Lamp Shed for a while, but somehow a lampshade hasn't been quite the item to inspire us to splurge out a lot of cash. That could change, though, with the introduction of the Handmade Tube Map Lampshade.

Based on the 1931 Harry Beck design of the Underground map, this vintage print has been added to Italian paper and comes in four different diameters meaning you can stick it on your floor lamp or your ceiling. The perfect addition to a London obsessee's home it's available for £38.


But...but...it only shows the top half of the network. What use is that, from a practical or aesthetic perspective?


Aesthetically nice for people who hate South London?


Yeah, they had to cut it off north of the Thames. Letting electrics get near a river is a very bad idea.

Alex F.

This is not a Beck's design, but instead an early 60s short-lived version by Harold Hutchinson - which survived for only about 4 years because it is widely considered ugly as hell and the worst version of tube map in its history.