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22 June 2010 | By: M@

Tiny Perching Pigeons In Trafalgar Square

Ken Livingstone may have banned pigeons from their ancestral home of Trafalgar Square, but the occasional avian rebel still intrudes. Last night a whole flock invaded. Members of Stitch London (formerly Stitch and Bitch) inundated the Square with tens of hand-made birds, reclaiming the space for dove-kind. The tiny perching pigeons were designed by Anna Hrachovec, who specialises in extremely cute knit-critters.


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Sarah Wallace

hahaha that's funny...no idea why they were removed in the first place..they were contributing to the attraction of the Trafalgar square...i still remember when i been there people use to enjoy and feed them..kids use to love running around them..its so boring now...only water fountain in between and some form of art...

Sarah wallace


Fun =)


Funny :D


Omg they're really great:) I would like to know how to make such a lovely bird:)