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29 June 2010 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

Parliament Square Protestors Lose Legal Battle

Parliament Square Protestors Lose Legal Battle

Image by normko from the Londonist Flickr pool

The happy campers at Democracy Village, which has been churning up the turf on Parliament Square since the election in early May, will be evicted after a High Court judge sided with Boris Johnson.

The Mayor brought an action to the court earlier this month, arguing that the camp was causing "considerable damage" to the Square, which he inaccurately described as lying within a UNESCO World Heritage site. Boris further argued that it was an offputting eyesore to other Londoners and (more importantly) tourists. Mr Justice Griffith Williams tilted towards the Mayor's point of view, though not every member of the GLA is so enthralled: Green member Jenny Jones said the ruling came "at the cost of democracy".

Rather than bring in the heavyset clearing crew, Justice Williams has asked that the campers now remove themselves peacefully and of their own volition. Given the intransigence displayed thus far, he may be disappointed. None more determined to stay, of course, that Brian Haw, who has just rounded his ninth year pitched across the road from Westminster. Will he be allowed to remain?

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Alex F.

Stinky squat in the middle of the major landmark is not a democratic thing.