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28 May 2010 | Maps | By: M@

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: The Fleet Valley

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: The Fleet Valley


Here's one we made earlier. This cack-handed but mysterious map of the Farringdon area was sketched out by Londonist M@ a couple of years ago, for reasons long forgotten. This part of the City is dominated by the River Fleet, now buried beneath Farringdon Road/Street, but still traceable thanks to the marked valley slopes to either side. The map contains plenty of puzzles and pictograms for you to decipher in the comments below.

More maps needed: It's a long weekend coming up, folks! The perfect opportunity to put crayon to paper and draw us that map you've been meaning to do. Maps can cover any part of the capital, from the whole city right down to one street. And, as with today's image, artistic merit is not important: it's the ideas that count. Send entries to tips@londonist.com

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Old Cheshire Cheese Pub... are they all pubs?


I'm assuming the well refers to Clerkenwell, and the "if only" is about the fact that Clerkenwell Green is impressively free of greenery. The crown is a pub.The Italian flag is an Italian church on Clerkenwell Road.

The heart refers to a bistro, the full name of which I can't remember but which is something like "Bleeding heart Tavern" and is rather nice.

There's also St Johns Gate and a cow that's going to get a nasty shock by the time Smithfield's finished with him and yes, I really am this bored today.


All correct, Jonn.
Yup, Cheshire Chees James, but they're not all pubs.


St Andrew by the Wardobe?

The Central Criminal Courts and St Paul's, obviously.

Hatton Garden, marked by the sparkly ring.

Not sure about the rodents, though.


The dictionary is Dr Johnson's house, and there's St Bride's Church. That blimp above the Italian church - I think I remember walking past there and seeing a plaque... something about the first air attack? Bomb dropped from an airship or something?

Presumably that's the shiny glass Sainsbury's at Holborn Circus and the griffins marking the boundary of the City at Chancery Lane tube.


The four black blobs on Holborn Viaduct are four statues representing (I think) the city: Commerce, Agriculture, Science, Justice.

The cross at the top-right is an old church in a little park, behind the Three Kings on Clerkenwell Green. The name escapes me.

What does the 1/8 refer to?

@MillyMelon Yep, there's a plaque outside one of the shop fronts on Farringdon Road (just up from the 'Spoons, can't remember which one) which commemorates a bombing by a Zeppelin during WW1.


All correct. But no one's guessed the 1/8 near the cow yet. Anyone?


1/8 - one over the eight. So a market pub?