Hammersmith Election Candidates In Wikipedia Malarkey

Dean Nicholas
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Hammersmith Election Candidates In Wikipedia Malarkey

2304_bailey.jpg Over at the Guardian, Dave Hill reports on what appears to be a spot of pre-election Wikipedia meddling on behalf of the Tories. The case concerns an entry on Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate for the new seat of Hammersmith (a key marginal), which looks to have been edited in order to sex up the local lad's origins. The accused, a certain Ryan Wells, also tinkered with the entry on Bailey's Labour* opponent, Andrew Slaughter. Read the full post for the complete story — it's a good tale, well told — and marvel at the chutzpah that lets people think they can get away with such wool-pulling. The Tories have decided to make housing a key priority of their message in Hammersmith; this probably isn't what they had in mind. (Note: original post mistakenly referred to Mr. Slaughter as a Lib Dem candidate)

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Andrew Slaughter is Labour, not Lib Dem. Also, had a canvasser from Shaun Bailey knock on my door-- ten years old if he was a day. And I don't mean figurative "oh, police today are getting younger and younger", I mean an actual pre-teen with a clipboard and a Shaun Bailey ribbon.