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Barnet Starts Iranian Sanctions Early

By SallyB2 Last edited 86 months ago
Barnet Starts Iranian Sanctions Early

0204.haft.jpg So Barnet council are to shut two of their parks to keep partying Iranians out this weekend? It is true that Iranians don't have a very good grasp of the Keep Britain Tidy business, but this really is quite Scrooge-like on the part of Barnet. Today, you see, is Sizdah Bedar, the 13th day after Nowrooz, the Persian New Year. Traditionally on this day it is finally (meant to be) warm enough to go out and picnic in the countryside, and in Iran (which enjoys proper, predictable seasons) pretty much everyone does just that. The Thames River Police would probably like to put a stop to it all as well, as today is also the day when home-grown wheat grass gets tossed into running water to bring the tosser (er, if you see what we mean) luck. Oh, and the RSPCA will possibly be on the case too, as the goldfish which have been the guests of every Persian household for the last two weeks are in theory released into municipal ponds today. Tough, being an Iranian in the diaspora. Sizdah Bedar Mobarark - have a good one anyway.

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