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01 March 2010 | By: Londonist

Uncivil War: London Rockin Rollers Go Intra-League

Uncivil War: London Rockin Rollers Go Intra-League

Rockin' Roller history was made at York Hall on Saturday with the dames' first in house battle pitting two of their new home teams against each other. More used to playing as one stripy legged team in striking red and black the Rockin' Rollers have grown so strongly they've had to split into intra-league teams to ensure they continue to grow and burn up the track when it counts.

Picking teams can't have been easy but they came out fighting: the Neanderdolls in primitive leopard print and the Voodoo Skull Krushers in neon green, brandishing skulls. Fiery and fall filled the tussle was fierce, with a torn crowd not quite sure who to cheer for and mostly screaming for all their fearless favourites, whichever side they happened to be rollin' for. A 98 to 95 win for the Voodoo Skull Krushers was testament to how close run this uncivil war was.

York Hall was adorned with posters for Drew Barrymore's roller derby film Whip It which premieres at the Birds Eye Film Festival on 12 March. The Rockin' Rollers will be ripping up the Southbank as an appetiser to the screening. Cool as we consider Ms Barrymore, it should be noted that the stars of the film look considerably more wholesome and less stylish than the bona fide battling babes in Bethnal Green. We suggest if you're interested you'd be better off with the real experience at the next intra-league bout, taking your chances trackside, than in the safety of the cinema.

All photography by Suke Driver. Words by Lindsey.

For more information and to find out about becoming a roller dame visit www.londonrockinrollers.co.uk

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Dr. D Zaster

Can the guy who took the pics from the londonist confirm the pic of Janet Jackson was taken at our bout or this is supposed to be in another folder. Just seems a bit strange


Good spot, that is odd - that's actually from Fashion Week. I'll fix it. Thank you.


I'm sure if she knew it was on she would have been straight there:)
PS, the guy who took the pics is a gal