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22 March 2010 | By: Craigie_B

London 2012 Tickets: Londoners Urged To 'Sign Up'

London 2012 Tickets: Londoners Urged To 'Sign Up'

Beijing2008TeamGB.jpg This morning various current sporting celebs congregated at Trafalgar Square together with some 1948 Olympians (from the last time London hosted the Olympic Games). They were there to invite sports fans from across London and around the UK to 'sign up' for ticketing information for the 2012 Games.

You can sign up at www.tickets.london2012.com to tell the London 2012 Organising Committee which sports you want to see. You'll be updated on major sports events, 'test events' before 2012 and be among the first to find out when tickets go on sale in Spring 2011 and how to apply for them.

There were some other aspects to this announcement - the number of tickets is now higher than expected, at a total of 10m over both the Olympics and Paralympics; and 75% of these will be allocated in a public ballot.

While you can also sign up by calling a number - 0844 847 2012 - we expect that as you're reading this on the interweb you'll probably register on it too. Now all we need to do is win some medals.

Image of the Olympic/Paralympic Heroes parade 2008 from thehutch's Flickrstream under the Creative Commons License

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I've done it, but with misgivings. What on earth do they need a phone number for?


Righty - the phone number is not for marketing, it's about urgent operational things at Games-time. Eg if your session is cancelled/delayed, or there's a transport issue to contend with.


Yeah, I didn't get this either. Why isn't it sufficient for me to give an email address for updates (which I already have, and receive alerts) rather than having to give the seemingly increasingly Orwellian Olympic project my name, blood type, house number and retina scan?

You say it's not for marketing but the address bit is clearly to see where people are signing up from, who they should target and which neighbourhoods are "engaging" with the project. I've already had two separate emails about this. How long before I start receiving unwanted text alerts to tell me, once again, that I can sign up now to get the opportunity to get tickets in a year or two.


It's a quick and easy sign-up with minimal info needed. I know because I managed it without any trouble (and I hate forms and have trouble with them).

You need to be contacted when the ballot goes live. The only email you've had from signing up was an activation email to make sure your email account is correct.