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19 March 2010 | Maps | By: M@

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: A Mystery Location

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: A Mystery Location


Lee Jackson, novelist and curator of the indispensable Victorian London website sends us this work of expert draughtsmanship. But he's intentionally left the identity of the location a mystery. Think you recognise the street pattern? Got a hunch which part of town serves as a nexus for mummies, toddlers, animals and footballers? The first person to correctly identify the neighbourhood in the comments below wins a copy of one of Lee's London-set novels.

Click here to see a larger version.

We're always looking for new entries in this series, so if you get the itch this weekend, draw us a map of your own 'hood and send it to tips@londonist.com.

Previously: Hampstead Heath, Notting Hill, King's Cross and Islington.


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Abbey Road!


Stoke Newington Church Street!


that roundabout does seem to have a dispropotionate number of of near misses and traffic incidents.

bit unfair calling the rose and crown a gastro-pub though....