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26 February 2010 | Maps | By: M@

Wanted: Hand-Drawn Maps Of London

Wanted: Hand-Drawn Maps Of London


Google Maps are all very well for presenting information. But where's the charm? Where's the love? Reminded earlier this week about the special allure of hand-drawn charts, we thought it'd be fun to revive the idea of homemade cartography.

So here's your mission, should you choose to accept it. Draw a map of your local area, be it home or work, indicating all the corners, bars, parks, features and characters that are important to you. You can be as colourful or cryptic, as detailed or sketchy as you like, using whatever medium works best - as long as you pick an area in London. Then photograph your work and send it to tips@londonist.com, or upload it to this general Flickr pool and tag it Londonist. We'll show the best ones on the site. (And save the original - if we get some really good ones we might see if anyone's mad enough to give us some gallery space.)


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I love this map. Especially the arrow next to the 'No Pubs'...


think i will have to visit hamsptead heath again sooner than i thought!