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19 February 2010 | News | By: BethPH

I Like Traffic Lights But Only When They're Green

I Like Traffic Lights But Only When They're Green

lights.jpg Up to 1000 traffic lights could be switched off during the 2012 Olympics in an attempt to cope with increased traffic and make road travel easier for officials and athletes. Boris Johnson has allegedly given his blessing to the proposal, even going so far as to suggest that the lights could remain off once the Olympics have finished, which begs the question of why they were there in the first place. Fiddling with traffic lights is one of Boris Johnson's very favourite things and getting London moving again by cutting down on time spent idling at red was a key item in his pre-election manifesto.

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John M

Pedestrians can presumably just take their chances then, dashing between lanes of speeding traffic rather than holding up important Olympic officials on their important Olympic business.

In fact, maybe that could be a new event at the games.


Just wonder what lights will be switched off? Unless BJ means that roadwork lights will be off since most roadworks should have finished or been suspended by the time the olympics comes to town.