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22 February 2010 | Music, News | By: M@

Abbey Road Update: Not 'The End'

Abbey Road Update: Not 'The End'

Talk of selling off Abbey Road Studios was premature, it seems. Widespread reports suggested that the recording studios might be sold to developers or snapped up by the National Trust because current owners EMI are struggling to meet debts. But the firm will now carry that weight indefinitely and claims to be seeking an injection of fresh capital to 'revitalise' the studios. Let's just hope things come together and their creditors aren't singing 'You Never Give Me Your Money' for too much longer. (Written in accordance with European publishing guidelines that stipulate at least three lyric puns per Beatles-related story.)


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melvin augustine

A DAY IN THE LIFE:Good morning, London....I hope someone, is reading the news today.That, ABBEY ROAD is not the end of road yet. I still think somebody, should write a song about ABBEY ROAD STUDIO...IF there is never heard it. Maybe, that could some capital problems. Cheers, Melvin Augustine Canada