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15 January 2010 | By: Craigie_B

Environment. Ilford. Boris. Monday. What Else Do You Need To Know?

bojo environmental wotsit.jpeg
bojo environmental wotsit

On Monday night Bo-jo will be jumping a-top his trusty Marin Fairfax and peddling his way up to Ilford for an open question-and-answer session on all things environmental.

It may be worth heading up there for 7pm, for three reasons:

1) To find out what he's doing on the whole cleaner/greener London front

2) To then tell him what he should be doing on the whole cleaner/greener London front

3) Because his well-respected new Environmental Advisor Isabel Dedring will be there, alongside 'Green Living Expert' Lucy Siegle and Friends of the Earth.

If you go, we however ask that you don't fly there on a plane, out of consideration for the topic up for discussion. And if Bo-Jo doesn't go by bike, do take him to task - unless the weather's dreadful then you can begrudgingly let him off. This time.

Information about the event, and how to get tickets, at http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor/events/index.jsp

Picture supplied by The Mayor's Office