EastEnders Appearance A Great Achievement For Boris

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 101 months ago
EastEnders Appearance A Great Achievement For Boris

Image / Heather Brown and M@ Brown
Has ConservativeHome been hacked by someone with an absurdist sense of humour? That's the only explanation we can think of for the list of Boris's 100 Achievements As Mayor. Alongside some tangible developments - whatever your views on their effects - (freezing council tax, scrapping the Londoner, opening up shop loos, the bendy vendetta) are some items that we're quoting verbatim and generously describing as 'random':

- Flew to Beijing Olympics, economy class

- Brought back Christmas - hosting various carol concerts, etc

- The Queen's portrait unveiled in City Hall

- Classical music, neglected under the previous regime as elitist, is now getting encouragement

- Boris Johnson appeared in EastEnders visiting the Queen Vic

Are these really the best ConservativeHome could come up with? Does an attempt to be anti-politically correct about Christmas (and we can't say we'd thought it had gone AWOL) trump banning drinking on public transport as something Boris has 'done'? Take a look at the full list and let us (or them) know what you think...

Last Updated 11 January 2010


I think they made an epic mistake in trying to stretch the list to 100. If they had left it at a dozen or so, they wouldn't have had to pad it out with so much irrelevance and the list would look a lot less stupid.

My favourite is: "Judo provision in London is being increased."

From where I'm sitting, he really hasn't achieved much useful yet. Oyster on national rail is a result, but it was hardly all his own achievement (and has a sting in the tail). Maybe ask again when he's scrapped Ken's unashamed-class-war CC Zone extension -- but surely he needs to be achieving substantial results of his own rather than just undoing the more dubious legacies of his megalomaniac predecessor.

Either way, he needs to add a lot more meat to his list of achievements if he wants to end his term with any lingering credibility.


I was fascinated to learn from this list that Christmas hadn't been officially marked in London for some unspecified period before Boris "brought it back" (#26).