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A Tail Of Icy Doggy Derring Do

A Tail Of Icy Doggy Derring Do

By DeanN

Frozen ponds and waterways have proved irresistible for some, sparking pleas from the authorities for people not to venture out on ice, however thick it looks. But the east end would be one Jack Russell poorer if Victoria Park cafe worker, Duncan McGonigle, hadn't walked out onto the icy pond and jumped in the freezing water yesterday, to save the struggling canine. Showing an admirable disregard for his personal safety as well as the instructions of police, Mr McGonigle fished the permafrosted pup from the pond. Proving we're a nation of hopeless dog lovers, emergency services attended the dog, gave it oxygen and a massage before speeding it to veterinary care. Cool as a cucumber, its rescuer on the other hand, appears to have casually changed into some dry clothes before submitting himself to be checked over by London Ambulance Service.

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