Peter Mandelson To Be Next Mayor Of London?


It’s 66/1 at William Hill, apparently. The ‘comeback king’ of British politics certainly has the force of personality that the role demands. But would voters trust him? And might the most ambitious man in politics consider the role beneath him? We’ll leave it for the political blogs to decide. One man who does think it’s a possibility is Guardian blogger Dave Hill. He’s put a tenner on Mandy’s coronation (perhaps as a ‘silver lining’ measure, should the Lord successfully run for office). Boris is currently evens to win a second term in office, with Sir Alan Sugar (10/1) coming in ahead of a resurrected Ken (14/1). If you fancy a real outsider bet, consider former decathlete Daley Thompson riding the Olympic ticket to a 2012 Mayoral victory (500/1).

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  • http://undefined purpaboo


    No chance. For as long as the mayor is elected by the public, at least.

  • RachelH

    Flee! Run for the hills!

    *panic attack*

  • Tomtiredoflondon

    My personal choice is Dizzee Rascal for mayor next time. Did you get odds on him?

  • http://undefined Josh

    Londonist backing Daley, according to the tags? ;)