Bus Stop Aggression In Orpington

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Bus Stop Aggression In Orpington

BusBaby.jpg Seven teenagers between 16 and 19 have been arrested at a bus stop on Orpington High Street, for violent disorder and assault. No knives, no mugging, no robbing, sexual assault or demands for "respect" were involved; this was the scene of a bus being simply too full with passengers to allow any more to board on Tuesday afternoon.

About 40 teenagers were left behind when the no. 51 bus tried to pull away, with a 25 year old PCSO aboard to stop the surging crowd holding up the bus. The PCSO had to call for police and suffered a cut to his face when the bus was attacked by the angry crowd who kicked front and back doors and pulled open the emergency exit. Later, when finally arriving home very late for their teas many of them also received major nagging and harrassment about homework. Cases of witheld pocket money have not been confirmed.

Buses are not Tardis-lilke vehicles that are bigger on the inside than they look on the outside - if the bus is full, it is full. Some people succumb to the belief that there is room for just one more person, and that person is them. But when there's 40 people all making that same assumption, that's basically a formula for "NO ONE is getting on this bus and EVERYBODY must suffer." Not a helpful result, as this unpleasant bus stop scene proves.

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I've lived in London for 4 years and I'm no stranger to rush hour but I've been noticing this more and more on busses recently. I take the bus to Camden after work at the moment, and people have been banging and kicking on the doors and shouting abuse at the bus driver when the bus is fit to bursting. What the hell, people. :(


Seen this in the city, not your average street teen more your average city gent (and lady) giving the bus a good kicking for being full.

This isn't quite the same on the tube but the rule that a full carriage is a full carriage still exists and no there is just no more room in there no matter how loud you shout, 'move up inside please'.

Main line local trains are much the same.


While it's likely that 40 people can't get on, buses non-stopping when the driver judges they are 'full' is infuriating, particularly in the winter if you have been waiting up to half an hour and know that the next means a similar wait again... There often is room (there are often upstairs empty seats at the back).

Perhaps someone could design a bus with more doors and more standing room that would be better suited to the peaks and lulls of demand? ;)