New Battersea Power Station Plans Submitted

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 104 months ago
New Battersea Power Station Plans Submitted


The latest plans for Battersea Power Station have parked up on the doormat of Wandsworth Council, after developers submitted the planning application.

No prizes for guessing that it’s a mixed-use proposal, which sees the derelict structure re-jigged into office space, residential units, a hotel, shops, and restaurants to feed all those US embassy workers who’ll be housed nearby by the time it’s finished. A zero-carbon power station on site would keep the generating legacy alive, while the existing chimneys would be retained and the turbine halls turned into exhibitions space. Oh, and there's a Northern Line extension to serve the site, something that the site owner previously agreed to fund but is now likely to be done through tax increment financing.

Rob Tincknell, of developer Treasury Holdings, thinks the mixed-use proposal could be "a cultural icon for London like the Guggenheim Bilbao or Sydney Opera House", neatly ignoring the fact that London already has plenty of icons and doesn’t need to be make a splash on the cultural map like the Spanish and Australian cities did.

Iconic significance aside, it’s certainly vast: the biggest planning application ever seen in London,with 8.3m sq ft of floor space and a price tag of £5.5 billion. In a time of economic and political flux, amidst ongoing "material uncertainties" about the financial viability of site owner Real Estate Opportunities, it's safe to argue that the whole endeavour remains daubed with uncertainty.

Last Updated 19 October 2009


Wow! Plans for the future use of Battersea Power Station! Why have we never heard anything about this iconic building before? Developers must have completely overlooked it.

All it needs now are for the plans to be nodded through by Wandsworth Council, then work can start. Hopefully it'll be finished on time and on budget!

*holds breath*


I should imagine that they've got no intention to actually build this, they're just submitting plans to increase the value of the site per sq ft in the hope they can flip it or break it up and sell it off.

I'd be amazed if that design got approved though. They've built it up way too high around the power station - no one wants to just see some chimneys on the horizon.

If they're serious about the design, they should set up a public competition like for the Freedom Tower design in NYC.


Its a wonderfull scheme; this dainty and flimsey Deco construct is given a warm oh-so-tight hug by understanding modermism. See how the thick, angular, building protects the station from the cruel elements, and the wanton eyesight of passers by.

With the fragrence of the rubish transfer depot to add a sense of urban grunge; surely this is the new shoreditch?