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29 October 2009 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

LDA Chief Sacked Over Racist Slur

LDA Chief Sacked Over Racist Slur

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The London Development Agency, so often the locus of criticism for the excesses of Ken Livingstone's tenure — it was treated like the "mayor's personal cheque book" according to one audit — is causing problems for his successor: a senior manager has been sacked for using what is politely termed "the 'n' bomb" during a meeting, according to The Standard. Nick Hoare apparently used the word in a meeting on Tuesday, at which outside organisations were present; after complaints he was summarily dismissed. Boris Johnson, himself accused of making racist comments before he moved into City Hall, has done well to keep foot mostly away from mouth in his 18 months in the job, but this is yet another loss of a high-profile aide in an embarrassing situation; at what point does it become polite to stop counting?

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