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20 October 2009 | Maps | By: M@

In Pictures: The Map Of Secret London

In Pictures: The Map Of Secret London

Regular readers will know how we like to map stuff. At our fifth birthday party last week, we tried something a little different. We pinned a map of London to the pub wall and asked everyone who came along to write on their London gossip. You didn't disappoint. Click through the gallery for a few close-ups of your secret London.

John Kilpatrick

The bar is actually my rugby clubs clubhouse. Not sure if its open to the public but you're welcome to come play touch rugby for fitness on sundays (or even train with us)



I've thought of so many more since! Damn free beer adling my brain. Can we have a virtual version...?


There are actually *two* 'bars' in Millwall marked on the map.

On the left is the Hubbub Bar, part of the Space venue (Westferry Road). On the right, slap bang in the middle of Mudchute Park is the rugby club that John mentions - although, as he says, it might be for members only!