The Ultimate Uncluttered Tube Map

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The Ultimate Uncluttered Tube Map


You may just have noticed all the hoo-ha in recent days about TfL's bold decision to remove the Thames and Zone boundaries from the Tube map (and the subsequent wrist slap from the Mayor). Not bold enough, we say. Let's sand away all the extraneous information.

Tourists are the only group of people who really need a Tube map. Locals already know their way around, and business visitors always take cabs. So if we only need to cater for John Q. Sightseer, the map condenses down to something really simple.Voila, the whole network distilled into three lines and twelve stops.

Last Updated 18 September 2009




Reminds me of this! I spent an hour digging around on my pc for this, lol.


You've missed out Murder Mile.


I love this! It's so true...

Weekend Carnivore

It needs a 'there be dragons' message pointed to south of the river.

Amanda Farah

Heh, my line isn't on there at all. New argument in favour of cycling?


Murder Mile? There are no tube stations in Hackney, so it can't go on a tube map!


I love it! And there isn't even a need for representing the river. (Unless you're going to put in a station for Sunset and Eye.)


Very good!
With all the engineering work around, I thought this might help everyone to know which stations are open:


A couple of grumbles: church = cathedral, and it isnt' eros... but I suppose we're talking about tourists after all.

Isn't the reference to Notting Hill a bit dated now? I'd rather change it to some Portobello Road / Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference!


I don't want to make it any more complicated than it need be, but I think we need a <font color="green">green line </font>running between Dinosaurs and Big Ben, with a stop in the middle called "The Queen", the <font color="purple">purple line </font> should extend to meet the<font color="red"> red line</font> at a stop called "Museum" and there should be a stop on the <font color="666666">grey line</font> between Big Ben and Parks called "Lions, Pigeons and Pictures". It is for tourists, after all.


fantastic stuff. Just sent it to my visiting friend.


Splendid. But, as a foreigner, there is one thing I did not understand : "Rough shops" for Oxford Circus; Let me share the joke, pleeease !


Many, many thanks.

Ben Brocka

As much as I like the idea of minimalist maps, research has shown chart junk to be useful in actuality, specifically for non-data geeks...