Rail Strike Update: Liverpool Street Station "A Ghost Town"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 107 months ago
Rail Strike Update: Liverpool Street Station "A Ghost Town"

The 48-hour rail strike by the unions Aslef and RMT, which began this morning, turned Liverpool Street into a "ghost town" and left thousands of commuters struggling to make other travel arrangements. The concourse, normally packed with passengers and gurning flash-mobbers, was crossed this morning by a fraction of the footfalls that usually traverse it, and the same is expected in this evening's rush hour and all day tomorrow. London's favourite son Bob Crow manned the picket outside the station, broadcasting his superannuated message of solidarity and workers' rights, seemingly unmoved by the rights of those workers who depend on a functioning transport system. National Express struggled to mount a 'skeleton service', with some trains running on an hourly basis. Unfortunately the company's website last updated its travel advisory for the strike over a week ago (flying in the face of reality, they still describe it as "potential" strike action), so the best way of getting up-to-date information is probably going to be via fellow commuters on Twitter, but sensible advice is to avoid it altogether. Vent in the comments below, and if you need inspiration, Standard readers are providing the usual flow of dyspeptic denunciations

Last Updated 30 July 2009


So once again Bob Crow gloats over the pains of Londoners who attempt to use the rail network, just like the tube strikes a little while ago, Bob Crow wants this, not for the sake of his union, more so for personal satisfaction. Maybe a lesson in Finace would help him, since he shows no knowledge of the subject otherwise he'd not call out anyone on strike over pay in this current financial climate, where not only is no one else getting a pay award nor bonus but more often than not losing their jobs.

This new strike must make Bob Crow Londons No.1 target.