Football Rumour: Patrick Vieira Heading Back To Arsenal?

Dean Nicholas
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Football Rumour: Patrick Vieira Heading Back To Arsenal?

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When Gooners implore Arsene Wenger to strengthen his squad with the windfall cash from the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Touré, this probably isn't what they mean: reports suggest Patrick Vieira might be heading back to Arsenal. The former Highbury legend, whose last kick in an Arsenal shirt was scoring the winning penalty in 2005's FA Cup final — the club's last major trophy, incidentally — might be back in North London on a 'pay as you play' deal. Fans with fond memories of the lanky midfielder hoving in on terrified defenders should note that in his four-year stretch in Serie A, the Frenchman has mostly offered a pale imitation of his former, imperious style. Getting in some mind-game action early doors, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp predicts Vieira will be a "big hit" should he return, but it would represent a gamble for Wenger: the former captain would find his spot occupied by the much younger Cesc Fabregas, and such a club legend could have a destabilising affect on the dressing room. But with six trophies in his nine years at the club, he boasts the experience and winning pedigree that the current squad lacks.

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Did you hear about Patrick Vieira's shock move to Manchester City went through even though he failed a medical at one of the Manchester city hotels. The French veteran had to accept a six-month contract, with an extra year if he stays injury-free, as City boss Roberto Mancini struggled to complete the deal. City put former Arsenal star Vieira through extensive checks and were concerned about a calf problem, which forced him to Saturday's defeat at Everton. At one stage Vieira's move from Inter Milan looked like being called off and City even looked at alternative short-term signings. I hope the powers at be know what they are doing. I know they are loaded wish cash but these gambles rarely pay off.