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Boris Johnson To Appear In EastEnders

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 95 months ago
Boris Johnson To Appear In EastEnders

2007_boris.jpg Quick as you can, Peggy, get the fancy china out and give that old Joanna in the corner a tune-up, you've only got the bleedin' Mayor popping in for a swift half. Boris Johnson is set to appear in an episode of EastEnders this autumn becoming the first politician to appear on the long-running soap. BoJo will play himself on a Mayoral visit to Walford, which is a surely a lost opportunity. Plot-wise, we'd prefer to see him as a long-lost Mitchell cousin who grew up on the right side of the tracks but finds himself shacked up in a two-up two-down with Janine Butcher and Wellard the dog for company. Barbara Windsor will auditioning for a spot on the London Assembly as she's captured scolding the Mayor during a walkabout round Albert Square, before the blond charms the blonde and the pair end up swapping peroxide tips. Boris should hold his own well on the show. He's a natural performer, and his public appearances, not to mention the pantomimic nature of his responses at Mayor's Question Time, often give the appearance that he's acting in a live-action version of The Beano.

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