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Londonist Goes 'Wheee!' At BodySpaceMotionThings

Londonist Goes 'Wheee!' At BodySpaceMotionThings

We went, we played, we climbed on things, we fell off things, we crawled into a wooden tunnel and were ambushed by an incoming flock of shrieking 7-year olds and we filmed it all. BodySpaceMotionThings at Tate Modern was a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend installation, courtesy of the UBS Openings programme. We said 'wheee!' a lot, we also went 'wuuuaaarrgggghhhh!' a lot, we laughed and we're sharing the fun of it with you.

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And news just in: this exhibition at Tate Modern has been extended for three weeks, until 14 June.

"Whee!" indeed.