Shanking Saplings

By Lindsey Last edited 111 months ago
Shanking Saplings

A sad suite of 28 snapped saplings have been set in Chelsea Parade Ground by Chelsea College of Art undergrad student, Clare Lewis, representing the 28 young people killed by knife crime in 2008. Practical responses to the problem of violent youth crime have been as diverse as chocolate babies, gigs, in your face stop and search, gruesome awareness images and stab proof hoodies so Lewis' artistic response can be added to the pile and good luck to it. We hope it makes folks en route to neighbouring Tate Britain stop and think a bit but the nature-ist in us wonders if actual trees, unbroken and allowed to grow and flourish to the maturity denied these tragic victims, might have been a more optimistic and lasting tribute.

Last Updated 09 March 2009


I would have to agree with you that living, lasting trees would be my preferred tribute however it's not as 'cutting edge' - for want of a better turn of phrase - as snapped snaplings I guess...