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10 March 2009 | By: Londonist

Rockin' Rollers Rev Up For Home Bout

Rockin' Rollers Rev Up For Home Bout

We've flirted with Roller Derby before and you can see why. It's a fresh and fierce sport, practiced by the feistiest of women where athleticism, fitness, daring, speed and battle worn balls go hand in hand with bad ass attitude, total commitment, tattoos and, in the build up to a bout, training, training, training. The Rockin' Rollers invited us to their squad practice ahead of their first ever home bout - Spring Equi-Knocks - in Bethnal Green in two weeks time.

Even in practice mode the Broads are gutsy, glorious and they roll rapid. They're also an incredibly friendly, welcoming bunch so if you're looking for trouble on a rolling basis and fancy a stab at high speed rough and tumble on the elliptical track do not be afeard of approaching them. We recommend you enter our competition to win a pair of tickets for the bout, don one or more of the following: fishnets, hotpants, knee length stripey socks, body art, lots of make up - all themed rockin roller red and black - and scream to make them go faster. They'll be boot to boot with the Glasgow Irn Bruisers who would be foolish to underestimate the home advantage. To win tickets, check out the Broads more closely and tell us what your rockin roller name would be. Fill in the form below.

Competition closes Monday 16 March, 5pm. Winner will be notified by email and pick up tickets on the door. The Spring Equi-Knocks Bout is on Sunday 21st March at 5pm, York Hall, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green E2. Tickets £10 with free half time rock thrown in.

Words by Lindsey. Photos by Natalie.

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Congratulations to Leonie, sorry, KIKI DEEMON!! Enjoy the bout.