Westminster To Remove Banksy Mural

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Westminster To Remove Banksy Mural
One Nation Under CCTV

The Banksy daubing just north of Oxford Street is not long for this world. No mindless act of vandalism for this graffito, though - instead, Westminster City Council have decided that the mural will be removed in order to "send a message" to the city's urban scribblers (yeah, that'll work).

Displaying a remarkable want of aesthetic curiosity, deputy council leader Robert Davis sneered at the mural's appeal, positing the question: "what is the difference between this and all the other graffiti you see scrawled across the city?" Answers in the Comments, please.

Still, there may be a stay of execution yet - nobody can quite figure out who owns the wall, located on Newman Street, and until ownership is established, the council cannot take action. Get down to Noho and see it while you still can.

Image by edscoble via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 24 October 2008


Great article, such a shame that the council thinks it's a good idea to scrap it and replace it with a blank wall. Because that'll look so much better.

One criticism though, if we were to all go down to Noho to protest, we'd have to see it while we can, we'd have to fly there seeing as it's in New York. The area's called Fitzrovia; Noho's a horrible name.


"Noho" is gaining use in London, though mainly around the likes of estate agents and their lackeys.


Alas, yes, but even so, it's hardly the popular parlance. Gumtree, for example, at the moment has ten entries for Noho, London, and 272 for Fitzrovia, London (five of the latter, aren't even in Fitzrovia, and two others refer to the area as Fitzrovia primarily).

The point being, Noho is a rubbish name, and we should all avoid using it when we've got a perfectly good one already.

(sorry, there's a severe feeling of irateness going around at the minute about the name, mostly due to the Middlesex Redevelopment calling itself Noho Square. Though that did lead to some good "hobo / nogo / nono / ohno" alterations on the hoardings. )

Jaz Cummins

Boo! Haven't they got anything better to be doing? Surely this is better than a blank wall.

I've never heard anyone say Noho out loud - maybe I'm talking to the wrong people!


Noho is bullshit marketing speak. It doesn't mean anything in London apart from a corruption of Soho which at least has a historical etymology. In NYC NoHo is north of Houston. Noho here is bollocks. Fitzrovia so much more elegant.


Nuts to the lot of you - I'm on a one-person campaign to popularise the term. It'll be popping up in Guy Ritchie films soon enough, you wait.


And I'm campaigning for Mayfair to be rebranded as WoHo.

Amanda Farah

Complete agreement with Lindsey re:Noho.

Re: the mural, I'm amazed it's lasted as long as it has.


LOL I was just gonna write about the sickening, yes sickening NOHO rebranding of Fitzrovia, but I see a few others agree that its as daft as removing a piece art that's a tourist attraction...this will be another "why the ffff?" in generations to come. LONDON IS FOOKED UP SOMETIMES!


I think that we have to remember that graffiti is graffiti and if they let every banksy piece stay then they would have to let every tagger or doodle artist too. We could end up with F**k off on our doors and not be able to remove them.

Having said that, Banksy doesn't always paint on walls that are out of bounds. He is commissioned most of the time now by an agency that asks us to pay for this sort of thing and allocates a relevant artist to that wall.

People are knocking down walls all over the shop to cash in. I heard recently of one chap who had his van encased in a perspex box so he could sell it as it had a banksy piece on one of the doors. Mad!

Banksy Prints


Surely the only thing that would make sense is to call it NoSoho! Although with the former Middx hospital site fast becoming "Noho Square", I suspect Fitzrovia's days are numbered.

Love the idea of WoHo tho (would that be pronounced woohoo?).

Joe Dunckley

Erm... Westminster might want to get on to Bristol City Council before they go ahead:







Excellent! There's hope for the Banksy yet.

@Lindsay, completely agree with you; Fitzrovia is a far more elegant name then a made-up one for North Soho. Sheesh.


Yep local government and national government sucks, all this top down nanny state junk is driving me insane. I wrote an article about this and even received a comment from one of the guys on Westminster Council - the only one who voted to keep the art (which is what it is) - this world is all backwards to me...

Read the argument here:-

UK Government Turns Art Critic

canvas prints

I know graffitis an act of vandalism but banksys well bansky and its awsum. Gutting there going to remove it. Maybe he should paint on canvas prints then is art could live forever. just a though. Banksy rules!


Is that council guy smoking crack???? ( what the difference between this piece and all other grafiti? )
i cant believe that twat even said that outloud... What a twat!