Faircake.co.uk: Cupcake Deliverance!

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Faircake.co.uk: Cupcake Deliverance!

Cupcakes? Did somebody say cupcakes? Delivered to your door between the hours of 10am and 5pm? With prices starting from £1.90 per cupcake and a delivery charge of £9.50 for a minimum order of a dozen anywhere in central London (the map they link to on their website is the London Underground’s Zone 1)? That's what new wonder-business Faircake does. Nice.

What’s also nice is Faircake’s flavour variety. Londonist recently enjoyed a few of their gorgeous morsels and can report that the mango cupcake was delightfully fruity, the dark chocolate was just the right sort of decadent, the lavender was lovely and the lemon … oh the lemon (with a nice lemon curd centre!) … was tasty indeed. Of course, Faircake offers other flavours as well (and are already getting revved up for Christmas). The actually cake-y bit of Faircake’s lil babies was about as nice a cake-y bit as Londonist can remember tasting. The best cupcake in London? Hmmm … quite possibly yes.

And, oh yeah, we felt especially good when sampling Faircake’s baked goods. Faircake uses free range eggs, fairtrade chocolate and “butter, never margarine,” in their cupcakes. We couldn’t find evidence of any preservatives or additives (because they don’t use any). Such recipes may reduce the shelf life of Faircake’s product, but that’s all the more reason to devour them quickly.

Visit www.faircake.co.uk for more yummy details.

Photography courtesy of Faircake

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Great find although a bit pricy don't you think? I guess I'm a bit jaded as I have a collection of quite good cupcake recipes and I've yet to find a store bought cupcake that can beat them. What I really feel like I'm paying for is the fantastic decorations - how is it that cupcakes are *always* so pretty?!


Hey Meaghan,

I guess I wouldn't recommend ordering them on a daily basis, but if you're in need of some quality treats for a special occassion, I can't recommend them enough. Office parties are maybe an obvious occassion.

These could even be sent in the place of, say, a dozen roses on bdays, V Day, anniversaries, etc.

The cupcakes I tried were very tasty and looked beautiful.

Keep 'em in mind,


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback - you're right when you think about it as a gift it really does warrant the cost. Definitely something to keep in mind. Added to my StumbleUpon favourites so I can come back to them :)



No worries! If ya try 'em let us know what you think.



I know I'm not going to win any friends here, but surely any dessert that isn't 90 percent chocolate is pointless?


90% chocolate would be a very bitter dessert.