Dinner And Dancing From The Weekend Past

What better way to enjoy a sunny weekend in London than to indulge in dinner and dancing in some extraordinary settings? We had a delightful afternoon wandering around the Royal Opera House as part of Deloitte Ignite last weekend, soaking up some of the great things choreographer Wayne McGregor had programmed. There was sonic artwork from Scanner, the brain-mashing virtual reality game You Get Me that was played in real time with real people in the basement in Covent Garden and Mile End Park simultaneously (read more at the Blast Theory website) and a glorious specially choreographed piece by McGregor called Proprius, mixing professionals with ballet school kids and kids from no dance background whatsoever.

Then it was time for dinner on Southwark Bridge with Feast on the Bridge but we had to stumble through the hay fight first. No sign of Jeeves who was no doubt hiding under one of the long tables, fearing for his fastidious life. Everyone looked like they were having enormous fun and as the sun began to set, we began to look forward to the next weekend which is due any minute… NOW…

Enjoy – and remember to take pictures!

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Deloitte Ignite At Royal Opera House

Choreographer Wayne McGregor has compiled a giddy programme for Deloitte Ignite, Friday 12 – Sunday 14 September at the Royal Opera House. All events are free and you will see this grand building in a different light. Art installations, kinetic sound sculptures, chocolate tasting, a room full of perfumed feathers and a virtual game playing against (or with?) teams in Mile End Park guarantee a feast for all the senses. Check out the full programme on the Royal Opera House website.