Platform 9 and 3/4 To Be Disapparated

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Platform 9 and 3/4 To Be Disapparated

Harry Potter may have completed his seven years at school, but younger wizardlings are in for several years of service disruption on the Hogwart's Express. Platform 9 and 3/4 will be shifted later this year to allow construction work on the West side of King's Cross, according to Jon Burden the former Duty Station Manager at King's Cross, who led a tour of the area yesterday. The enchanted platform will be relocated to the front of the station, close to the ticket office, in September.

Muggles will also be affected by the redevelopment work. All facilities along the western edge of the station will close down in the Autumn, including the less-than-magic Duke of York pub. Important services, such as left luggage, will be moved to the main concourse, in turn displacing all the shops and food outlets here. Only a fragment of WH Smith will remain. Thank Dobby for St Pancras is all we can say.

These growing pains are a necessary process while Network Rail builds a new (and gorgeous) glass-domed concourse to the West, and carries out essential maintenance on the platforms. An additional siding is also being built between Platform 1 and York Way. As previously noted, this work will close Platform 1 as a thoroughfare, and lead to the dismantling of the pedestrian footbridge that spans the current platforms. And just as the Guardian moves into its new offices, swelling potential east-west pedestrian traffic in the area. This is becoming a hotly debated local issue.

We should have a gleaming new station to rival St Pancras come 2012. But there's a possible sting in the tale. Jon mentioned plans to completely rebuild Finsbury Park station around 2015. Feasibility studies recommend complete closure of the tracks into King's Cross to accomplish this. Nothing has been decided, but if this scheme goes ahead, we could be faced with total or part closure of King's Cross mainline just a few years after the new facilities open. Time to invest in broomsticks.

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Mr Thant

There are 6 reasonably separate tracks through Finsbury Park. I can't think of any kind of work that might require more than one pair to be closed at a time, let alone all of them.

The 2015 timeframe suggests he's referring to the platform extensions for the Thameslink Programme. This is a fairly major project due to the station being on a viaduct and partly over wide roads, but again, it's not the kind of work that requires complete closure of the line.


I believe he was referring to a major Tube station upgrade by TfL. The tour guide, who works for Network Rail, suggested that the Finsbury Park mainline station may have to close because of safety concerns. Engineers fear that the weight of trains passing over the construction site could cause a collapse. He cited a precedent during construction of Heathrow Express tunnels.

This is still in the realms of rumour, and would benefit from investigation by someone closer to the issues.

Mr Thant

Ah, I forgot they're putting in lifts down to the tube platforms and extending one of the subways. There's not a lot of tunneling involved as the whole complex is so shallow (the "subway" is actually at street level), but I can see why it might force the closure of the main line for a time.

The official timescale is 2009-2013.


Temporarily relocating the Platform 9 and 3/4 plaque and mounted-half-trolley due to renovation and new construction requirements is perfectly understandable. However, permanently “dismantling” the iconic Harry Potter pedestrian footbridge is RIGHT OUT! (Consider Liverpool’s extreme regret after ignorantly destroying the Cavern Club on Matthew Street. Consider also the extreme expense Liverpool incurred when having to recreate the Cavern Club to meet Beatles tourist demand!) Can someone in London please prevent them from destroying the iconic Harry Potter pedestrian footbridge at King’s Cross Station?!