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Chocolate Baby To Fight Knife Crime

By Lindsey Last edited 107 months ago
Chocolate Baby To Fight Knife Crime

art4.jpg Boris wants boxing lessons and Latin, Lily wants a benefit gig. We've pretty much got to the point where anything and everything's worth a try as far as convincing kids not to carry knives and guns goes. However, chocolate sculptures strike us as one of the most maverick and least effective ideas so far. Chocolatier, Wayne Paul Gregory, hopes the shocking image of a baby with a gun or a stab victim lying in a pool of blood rendered in delicious milk and dark will do the trick where all else seems like ineffectual flim flam. Bearing in mind this is also the man who proposed a chocolate bust of Boris Johnson and once made a chocolate guitar for Jon Bon Jovi we rather think this might be more about getting himself in the press rather than genuinely reaching the kids. Still, if it keeps the serious issues in the news too, it's not all bad.

Last Updated 23 July 2008