Car Falls On Potters Fields And We Weren't There

By Lindsey Last edited 119 months ago
Car Falls On Potters Fields And We Weren't There

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a PR company and invited to partake of a little paid blogging around the launch of a "SECRET THING". Now believe us, paid blogging is hard to come by, so our ears and empty pockets pricked up. However, the utmost secrecy around the THING put us off as we feared we'd be selling our souls for some corporate un-Londony puff and, ultimately, we were right. The thing was a new car being dropped in Potters Fields yesterday. Courting "citizen journalists" to push your product virally is clearly a smart idea, especially with a cash incentive and a huge YouTube friendly stunt but can London really get excited about a bog standard car, however high it's been dropped? Pfft, no, we'd much rather geek out at the Transport Museum instead.

Last Updated 22 July 2008

Marie F

Interesting that the PR for this seems to be generating more interest than the event itself. But then as it was just watching a car being 'lowered' from a crane I can kind of see why.


Hello Lindsey,

I'm sorry you couldn't make it, it was a great event.

In addition to our regular blogging programme, we did indeed contact 3-4 London bloggers to invite them down (with us paying expenses).

Obvuiously, we also asked anyone we invited to be up front that this was the case in any subsequent post.

In the event, the crash site and subsequent Vauxhall Insignia launch did get a stack of online pick-up from as far afield as Brazil.

Our own blog, which you've linked to, has more images and a You Tube clip from the day.

All the best, Dirk
(Dirk Singer, Cow)