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Bulletproof Couture Coming To Harrods

By Amanda Last edited 107 months ago
Bulletproof Couture Coming To Harrods

For the super rich and the super paranoid, Harrods will soon be carrying a line of fashion to fill your needs. As of next week, the "designer bulletproof fashion" of Miguel Caballero will be available in Knightsbridge. Caballero first introduced his line of bulletproof outerwear 15 years ago in his native Colombia during the civil war. Now, London's elite will have the opportunity to dress with the style and confidence of royalty, Hugo Chavez, and Stephen Segal. Products vary in security from being able to withstand handgun bullets to automatic weapons. Prices weren't immediately available, but as Caballero's expressed target market is Russian oligarchs and Arab sheiks, we're guessing it's a bit outside the Londonist budget.

For those of you who don't want to deal out the dosh at Harrods, you can keep it street with a slash-proof hoodie.

Last Updated 14 July 2008