Britain wins Wimbledon

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Britain wins Wimbledon

Er, so OK, perhaps that should read 'Briton wins Wimbledon'. But the fact is that after a summer of pretty dire sports news for the UK, we have our first British junior Wimbledon champion for 24 years. AND she’s from Wimbledon.

Laura Robson, at 14, is the youngest winner for 14 years, and her victory will surely fill diehard British tennis fans with hope for years to come. With even our Andy (Murray) still just 21, Londonist reckons that we can look forward to a new golden age of British tennis. (It would, of course, also be nice if we could bring back tennis with a bit of character, rather than homogenised ball bashing.)

The grown-up ladies’ title was taken by Venus Williams this afternoon after a less than exciting sibling knock about with her sister.

Anyway, we’re off to get our rackets out of the loft. Have a sporty one.

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Last Updated 05 July 2008


Um, I know it was an all-Williams final, but there were only two sisters to choose from, and you've reported the wrong one: It was Venus wot won it, not Serena.


Um... it was definitely Venus who won! I guess you weren't watching after all :(


(and now you've editing your mistake without explanation you're making these comments look silly!)


Hi ellen/Burntoutcar!
Thanks for your comments, and yup, I did initially get the wrong Williams sister!
I didn't watch the Ladies' final because as I mention in the post I find the game a little characterless - although I do not deny that the Williams sisters are incredibly talented. Federer's game is similarly brilliant but lacks the colour of the game perhaps 15-20 years ago.
I reported on the Williams' result from other news sources...which in my excitement after the Robson match I mixed up. So apologies.


@ ellen - that was an editorial intervention in the middle of the night - not intending to make you look silly at all but to get our post right asap... thanks for alerting us