Supermarket killing: woman charged

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Supermarket killing: woman charged

In the mind-boggling case of the man killed by a punch in a fracas over a supermarket queue, a woman has been arrested following the detention earlier this week of a Tony Virasami, her partner. Antoinette Richardson is also to be charged with murder.

It would seem that Richardson called Virasami (as you would a highly trained but mindless rottweiler) to come and take action after somebody pushed ahead of her at the tills. The victim, Kevin Tripp, was not even the culprit – he was just the first person that this thug encountered. A mild-mannered and popular family man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now it is true that supermarkets are frustrating places: slow-moving trolleys, unruly children, slow-moving check-outs, incomprehensible special offers which only serve to complicate your life, slow-moving shop-staff. But most of us just grimace and bear it. Or we alter our shopping habits to go at a less frustrating time. Or we abandon supermarkets and rediscover our corner shops instead.

This rage thing has got to stop. Only last weekend we were lamenting a new spate of bakery rage: where is it all leading?

Mike Fisher, of the British Anger Management Society, reckons rage is a mechanism to deal with pain. But as the Times’ Tim Rayment

points out:

Pain? What have we got to be pained about? This is the fourth leading economy on Earth. We can downsize, job-share, and leave a failing marriage at will. It takes pocket money to join what used to be “the jet set”; we can buy a BMW for £199 a month, drink and gamble to our heart’s content, and watch football on 70in plasmas. We have legal safeguards against everything, and the infectious diseases that gave Victorian graveyards their youthful corpses have gone.

…we’ve never had it so good.

Londonist doesn’t know the answer, but we do know that it makes us very sad. Rage is something that the elements do. Londoners ought to know better.

Passive Sainsburys queue from daveknapik’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

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You might want to take some advice from m'learned friends about this post.

Because if people have been charged then what you've written is not only in extremely bad taste, but is also likely to have you hauled up in front of the beak.


Thank you for your comment FortySomething.
I have to admit that I am flummoxed as to exactly what you mean by it.
I can only think you might be referring to the second paragraph, where I deliberately wrote 'it would seem' to imply that I am only reporting from other reports which I have read: ie it is not proven fact. And, OK, I should perhaps have written 'alleged thug' instead of 'thug'.
Londonist has the utmost repsect for judicial procedures, as you will know if you are a regular reader. We are often inflammatory, but never prejudicial!