N1 Fabricated Rubbish Confusion

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N1 Fabricated Rubbish Confusion

Pity the poor residents of Southgate Road, N1. With half the street in Islington, the other bound to Hackney how are they meant to know if they're coming or going, let alone which day what rubbish collection is? For it seems that living here is very complicated if you're keen to separate your waste and use council recycling services. Friends of the Earth have condemned Southgate Road as "the most confusing in the country for waste disposal". In the entire country!

Wow. That sounds pretty serious. We wondered how many complaints the respective councils had received about this mind bogglingly complicated duet of weekly rubbish collections.

None, apparently. Not one.

The Daily Mail sums up this allegedly fearsome confusion with a visual representation of what the poor residents have to contend with.

We happen to think this is one of the most helpful things the Daily Mail could have done. If everyone cuts this out and sticks it on their wall somewhere - at least the half that refers to their side of the street - problem solved, yeah?

Or residents could just read the leaflets the council give them explaining collections rather than looking at their neighbours from another borough over there. As a spokesman from Islington Council so sagely says, its "hardly rocket science".

Image of very organised recycling courtesy of practicalowl's Flickrstream under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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I used to live near Southgate road, and my block was also on the cusp of Hackney and Islington. It actually had numerous benefits - I could join libraries in both boroughs with ease, for example. Actually that was probably the only benefit. Didn't have much in the way of recycling back then neither - chuck an apple core off the balcony and hope it'd grow into a tree in time was about all there was, as I recall.

You're quite right, sticking stuff in different bins isn't the most difficult thing in the world. Didn't we learn this as a child, pushing square blocks through square holes and garnering an important lesson in understanding spatial relations at the same time?

If this is the "most confusing in the country" for recycling, then I reckon we've got the problem licked.


Don't get me going on the subject of rubbish.
Oh all right then.
Southwark are really hot on recycling, and have issued all the nicer looking homes in the area with coloured recycling bins.
But when they get it all back to the tip it all gets chucked away together 'cos they can't afford the recycling equipment.
BUT they can still afford to send pusillanimous insects out in the wee small hours to go through people's rubbish to check that they haven't thrown an apple away in the orange receptacle.
There, now see what you've done.
I'm going to have a lie down now.