Last Round On The Underground: The Video

By Lindsey Last edited 120 months ago
Last Round On The Underground: The Video

Those good people at Friction TV sent us this video of Saturday night's drinking party on the tube. Our Nice Liz's experience was "safe and fun". This footage shows another side to the evening.

We didn't even make it onto the tube because we were tardy and the stations were shut by the time we rocked up with a bottle of wine and our party frocks. Were you there? What was your experience?

Last Updated 02 June 2008


I was angry because I thought Boris was wrong when he said drinking on the tube caused anti social behaviour.
Now I know it does.
Well thought out demonstration.
What happened to focusing our efforts on campaigning for the good?
How come you can rouse that many people to get pissed and cause a public disturbance, but fail to get more than a handfull for a decent cause?

Dave Knapik

My favourite bit is the fancy lady at 5:29. This is the violence inherent in the system!

I wonder how much one would have to drink on the tube to make that snoggable?


Eww. It's like TfL commissioned a Hogarth print. They should put these people's photos on the "Making everyone's journey more pleasant" posters to drive the point home.


I agree. I'm appalled. All this served to do was underline that the ban will stop this sort of hideousness. Stay at home and do drugs, kids.