Angel's Woolworths to Waitrose Fairy Tale

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Angel's Woolworths to Waitrose Fairy Tale

It's either a sign of Islington advancing or people getting priced out of their homes, depending on how you want to look at it. The Woolworths at Angel has been bought by the slightly posher Waitrose, with the change-over of shops to be complete by the end of the year.

Waitrose manager Mark Price has said there has been great demand for one of the supermarkets in the area, and that those worried about the store providing unfair competition for the local Chapel Market needn't worry — they're looking to compete with the Liverpool Road Marks and Spencer, not humble vegetable stall owners (Price made no mention of the Sainsbury's a stone's throw away from the site).

Chapel Market Association Chairman Peter Adamides seemed to support this theory to the extent that he believe Woolworths provides more competition to market traders than Waitrose would. Londonist is inclined to agree that people wanting fresh and comparatively cheap fruit and veg aren't likely to abandon the street market for the glossy interiors of Waitrose. However, valid concerns have been expressed by many that the arrival of the upscale supermarket in Angel speaks volumes about the changing demographic of the neighbourhood, and how many households can afford to transfer from Woolworths to Waitrose.

Residents of Chiswick, Clapham, and Edgeware Road beware: the Woolworths in these areas will also be purchased by Waitrose. The swap is imminent.

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Last Updated 26 June 2008


I had heard this rumour and thought the same about how the area is changing. No Woolworth's? That's a loss, to be sure.


They're opening an all-organic food store on nearby Essex Road too. There might be a market for it with all the disposable income sloshing around N1, but the economic climate might not be favouring such upmarket spots - even the Whole Food superstore in Kensington is having a tough time of it.

Working Class Hero

Oh how I will miss the fights around the pick 'n' mix. I'll have to buy my fizzy cola bottles from the cinema now...


I saw that going up a few weeks ago. That's a somewhat local chain. I think it's owned by an English woman.

Interesting link, DeanN, and your comment is spot on. My fave part of the linked article: "In an Evening Standard comparison, a tuna salad at Whole Foods cost £10.10 - ... or one of the company's New York stores, where it cost $3.99 (£2.04)." Yeah, exactly why I've never stepped foot in Whole Foods.


The Budgens under my office in Bayswater has just switched to a Waitrose. I think it's actually cheaper for some items, and it seems to be popular, too. I was initially nervous about the perceived extra expense, but as long as Waitrose carries on doing its £1.40 prawn sandwich, I'll be happy.

My only gripe is their obsession with cucumber. I hate the stuff! Why oh why must they put it in nearly every sandwich? :(


Woolworths under threat?
This is a potential national tragedy.
Mind you, since they refurbished and made their shelves twice as high and all at funny angles, I hardly go in there any more on account of getting lost and not being able to find my way out again.