Tower Bridge Twitters, Fails to Titillate

By Julie PH Last edited 121 months ago
Tower Bridge Twitters, Fails to Titillate

We mentioned this in passing last month, but it took until now for the sheer silliness of this “news” to truly sink into Londonist’s brain. An anthropomorphized Tower Bridge has taken to Twittering – you know, that little micro-blogging tool whereby folks can share with family, friends and subscribers what it is they’re doing, thinking and feeling every moment of the day. The Tower Bridge hasn’t yet revealed to us what it’s thinking or feeling, but it would like you to know what it’s been up to lately:

I am opening...

I am closing...I am opening...I am closing...

Truly! And, at time of writing, there are 308 people who want to know (up from 228 since Gawker mentioned it yesterday). Who are these followers? London geeks that we are, we suspect there may be a few subscribers lurking among our ranks. And the rest? Obsessives with an Orwellian interest in monitoring the city’s waterways? Commuters mapping out their movements to and fro? Pirates?

Status updates, in our experience, tend toward one of two extremes: the mundane and Too Much Information. (We’re just joking, family, friends, readers and anyone else who sends us status updates. Yours are all quite clever and fascinating.) How long before Tower Bridge follows suit and allows us insight into other parts of its life? We can see it now:

I am wondering where the other sock went.

I am massively hungover, regretting drunken public snogging with Southwark Bridge.

I am NOT going to open for the SB Lady Daphne for the umpteenth fecking time today.

Image courtesy of ADevlin Photography’s photostream via the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 23 May 2008


I've been following towerbridge because I work next to it but have yet to see it open. The downside to working in the basement. One of these days, I will actually be upstairs when it opens...

Julie PH

Well then, I do hope the Twitter feed eventually rewards you with that view, halcyonday!

Julie PH

Alright, towerbridge. We saw your latest twitter, and we admit to being just a little bit charmed:

Hello to all my new followers from Gawker and Londonist! No gossip or sluttiness to report, I'm afraid; just opening, and closing. As usual.

hehe, a bridge with a sense of humour! how cute.


If you live anywhere near the bridge, the RSS feed off that twitter page is a lifesaver! There's no rhyme or reason to when they open it and will quite happily block all traffic (foot and road) for 20 minutes just to allow some punters on a hideous faux-Dixie faux-steamboat faux-paddler to snap some photos on their mobiles (grrr).

Anyway, using the RSS feed means you can plan your journeys so you're not 20 minutes late to work!