Motorcycles Allowed in Bus Lanes

By Amanda Last edited 120 months ago
Motorcycles Allowed in Bus Lanes

Despite being pro-bicycle, Boris announced yesterday that motorcycles will be allowed to share bus lanes with buses and cyclists. Making good on his campaign promise, the mayor has made his decision based on trials run in Bristol as well as on East India Dock Road, Streatham High Street/Brixton Hill/Brixton Road, and Finchley Road. Boris claims that not only has the change not made the roads any more dangerous, it will actually lead to a reduction in motoring-related fatalities.

The London Cycling Campaign isn’t pleased. The LCC has been campaigning against this measure for sometime now, and contradicts the mayor’s claims that the roads will still be safe if those on "powered two wheelers" are allowed into bus lanes. According to research they cite by the CTC, motorcyclists and others of their ilk are 1.5 times as likely as cars to be involved in a crash with a cyclist and three times as likely to kill a cyclist in a crash.

This bicycling Londonista isn’t thrilled either, as there are already regular examples on the road of those on motorbikes who swerve into bus and cycle lanes and take up space in the bicycle-designated areas at traffic lights (no, not all motorcyclists do this, but not all cyclist wear Lycra and jump red lights either). But, with the new law, perhaps the principles of sharing the road will help diffuse some bitterness. Though you have to wonder how bus drivers feel about this.

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Last Updated 23 May 2008


Sorry but I think the response from a lot of cyclists has been really selfish. I cycle absolutely everywhere in London, and every morning (once I've squeezed past the queue of immobile bendy buses - please rid us of these monsters, Boris) I have the whole of the bus lane running along Seven Sisters Road to myself. And a few other cyclists.

The report you mention (which Ken sat on) said that said opening up bus lanes to motorbikes decreased accidents by something like 42%.

Amanda don't you cycle in the road along with motorbikes and manage not to end up splatted on tarmac? We'll get used to them in the cycle lanes just the same. Let's be a bit more generous - I mean we don't even pay any road tax and they do.

And I don't wear lycra either (although I'll admit to the odd red light infringement...)


DePfeffel - you *are* actually Boris, aren't you?


As if I, I mean Boris, would have time to post comments on a website while running the metropolis, cutting red tape, protecting our green spaces and making everyone's journey more pleasant.

The very notion!


"A controversial trial that has permitted motorcycles to use bus lanes in London has not caused an increase in cyclists accidents or deaths – despite fears to the contrary, according to TfL.

A detailed look at 28 of the 418 Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) bus lanes involved in the trial found that fears of an increase in cyclist collisions with motorcyclists were 'unfounded'.

Cyclist coliisions in bus and control lanes actually fell, according to the report, and there were no fatalities over the trial period."

According to TfL "more than half of all cyclist deaths on London's roads follow a collision with a goods vehicle." How does CTC come up with "motorcyclists and others of their ilk are 1.5 times as likely as cars to be involved in a crash with a cyclist and three times as likely to kill a cyclist in a crash."???