Food-ography: cult food 1 by Savage Pink

By tikichris Last edited 121 months ago
Food-ography: cult food 1 by Savage Pink

cult food 1

Photography courtesy of Savage Pink via the Londonist pool on Flickr

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Last Updated 30 May 2008

Dave Knapik

OMG, Selfridges has Mac n Cheese and Fluff?!? And I only discovered this now?!?

Amanda Farah

If by 'cult' they mean 'things only Americans understand,' then yeah, that's well cult. Also, it's making me miss home just a bit (and fancy oreos).


No mac and cheese is ever work £5...


er, worth rather. See - it's got me tongue tied it's so wrong.

Amanda Farah

Whoa, £5? Maybe, maybe if it were Annie's organic stuff, but not for Kraft. Not when you can make a home-made version with real cheese for less than that.


what is this 'fluff'?

Francine Kizner

Fluff is marshmallow in a jar. Personally, I find it rather disgusting, but I don't like marshmallows to begin with.


THAT macaroni is SO worth £5. And besides, it's only £3.95. Annie's organic? You can't be serious! Any true macaroni connoisseur would turn their nose up at that chalky crap.