Brown Won't Get Waxed

Dean Nicholas
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Brown Won't Get Waxed
Candle wax

The Gordon Brown statue saga has intrigued psephologists and, er, wax-ologists for months now: would our embattled PM be given his own waxwork at Madame Tussauds, or have the curators bargained that, with the odds of his removal ever-shortening, the task of crafting those craggy features into a lifelike visage isn't worth the effort?

As we reported earlier this month, Tussauds turned the decision over to a public vote. The results are in: nearly 6.500 people voted, and Brownites, you may want to look away now - 84% voted against the move. The absence of a waxy Brown at Tussauds makes him the first leader of Britain's two biggest parties since Iain Duncan Smith not to be gawped at and pawed by the Canon-wielding crowds.

A spokesperson heaped further scorn on Brown's future prospects by stating that the museum would, naturally, create a figure of the sitting PM when an election is called - "whomever that person is".

Downing Street brushed the snub aside, declaring that Brown "had more important things to worry about" - like reinventing himself as a superhero, a fiscally-sound fighter who can save the economy from the vile villains of credit crunches and global recession. But we think this cuts deep: forget the local elections and the Mayoral loss, the tipping point for Brown may have just passed.

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Last Updated 15 May 2008


There's a joke in there somewhere about economic meltdowns. But it's probably not very funny.


I do love the choice of image...


Poor Gordon. They've got Gerard Depardieu in'd think they could make room for the Prime Minister. OK it's the most inept government since John Major or Anthony Eden, but the lad's still the PM, innit.

Is Boris in there yet??


Boris who?

Both Boris Karloff and Boris Becker are to be found in Tussauds, but sadly, as yet, there's no room for Russian chess maestro Boris Spassky.

Or are you referring to some other, less celebrated Boris?


Doh! I was of course referring to everyone's favourite Japanese experimental beat combo Boris...

try to keep up, man.


Ah, how could I forget Boris! They're easily my third favourite Japanese experimental beat combo.

If they'd made it past the gatekeeper, then Gordo's absences is just tragic.