Boris Wins!

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Boris Wins!

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London. The Blond received 1,043,761 (43%) first preference votes compared to Livingstone's 893,877 (37%), with Paddick gaining just 10% of the vote. With neither main candidate reaching the magic 50%, second preference votes were taken into account, giving Boris a victory of 1,168,738 votes over Ken's 1,028,966.

The result mirrors local election results all over the UK, where the Conservatives have delivered a savage mauling to Labour councils.

Turnout was impressive, and accounts for the delayed announcement of the result. Around 45% of registered voters turned out, up around half a million on four years ago.

So, as a buoyant BJ sucks the glass testicle from Ken's lap, will London find itself in a sticky mess, or stand proud for a new era?

Last Updated 03 May 2008


I'm ecstatically happy, it's been a while. Now out with Labour...

Amanda Farah

That's an impressive Photoshop job.


BNP also won a seat, breaching the 5% mark for the first time.

As for Boris... I don't understand why anyone would vote for him. If there was another conservative candidate then that's understandable, but him?! Ignoring his ridiculously offensive comments (albeit the lack of political correctness is refreshing, but very stupid), he's going to be bad for three key reasons:

1) he'll be a part time mayor as he's keeping his post as MP of his constituency for another year. That means facelss advisors will be running the show and my only hope is that he'll be a decent puppet mayor at the least

2) he never seemed to even have a concise (let alone clear) answer about his policies despite receiving a grilling from both Livingstone and Paxman! He came out looking ridiculous!

3) with the largest development of housing since the 1960s (and we know what a disaster social housing was there!), Boris has refused to ensure that 50% of the housing remains affordable unlike Ken.

That worries me deeply, firstly as a student and secondly as someone who can't imagine living elsewhere. With inflated house prices and rent, increasing costs of living and mounting personal debts, I cannot see how this is good for anyone other than the super rich! This means that key workers, low income workers and poor families will be struggling the most, if not more than they currently are.

Just today, in Tottenham Court Road, I had a chat to a stranger chap at the HSBC cashpoint about Boris! Later on in the evening on my way home, there was a conversation between a bunch of us strangers on the central line about the mayoral elections (Boris specifically). Londoners just don't chat to strangers on the tube - I've never seen it happen in my 8 years of using it every weekday. Amazing.


I actually don't know ANYONE who voted for him. I find this strange...


I reckon that no-one (apart from the outer-suburb-dwellers) actively decided to vote for Boris.

But I know for a fact that loads of people deliberately voted against Ken. It's a telling testament to his unpopularity that even a fool like Boris could oust him.

Still, I thought that Ken's 'leaving speech' was quite moving. Shame he couldn't have shown that much integrity and humility in his second term – maybe he wouldn't have needed to make a leaving speech after all...