Birthday Bash For Nelson Mandela

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Birthday Bash For Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is turning 90, and he’s doing it with style. A massive concert will be held in London for the former South-African president on 27 June to honour his life and work. A reformed Queen, now fronted by Paul Rodgers, Razorlight, Annie Lenox, Leona Lewis, and Simple Minds will be joined by South African artists for the Hyde Park concert as part of the 4664 Campaign.

The 4664 Campaign takes its name from Mandela’s number from his 27-year stint as a political prisoner. To further commemorate its significance, exactly 4,664 tickets will be released for the event. The proceeds will help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly five and a half million South Africans live with HIV/AIDS, and Mr Mandela lost his son to AIDS in 2005.

The three days leading up to the 4664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90 will also be action packed, with members of the Royal Family, Bill Clinton and Gordon Brown, and other celebrities joining in celebratory activities. Tickets for the concert will cost £65, but no word yet on when they go on sale.

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I found out about this from Jim Kerr's blog and registered a while back for the presale. Got my unique passcode (today) for the presale, but I'm turning this gig down strangely enough.

In essence it means paying £70+ for a ticket where you will not be at the front even if you queue ridiculously early. Due to yet another "Gold Circle" event, where the rich tossers prepared to pay VIP passes and not enjoy the music will use the space as a lounge.

I'm sorry if I sound sanctimonious in this tone, I understand it's for charity but why have people who aren't really that interested in all the acts at the front? Oh yeah I forgot VIPs are to pay £164-586.33 to get in the gold circle.

So I shall be missing the chance to see Queen+PR, Annie Lennox, (my lovely) Simple Minds, Dame Shirley Bassey and whatever other 'surprise' appearances. My bets include Peter Gabriel and other world music favourites.