Anti-Knife Campaign Features Gory Images

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Anti-Knife Campaign Features Gory Images

Knife crime has been a big concern for the Met as of late and has led to some rather interesting new tactics to combat the problem that has become especially prevalent amongst London's youth. The latest campaign involves super-graphic images of real-life knife induced injuries. A group of teens that had each been affected by knife related violence were consulted on the campaign, which features the main tagline of "If you carry a knife you're more likely to get stabbed yourself." That slogan seems open to interpretation, as kids carrying knives might be doing so because they live in areas that have high rates of knife crime in the first place, but we do think that the only people really equipped to talk to teenagers are other teenagers.

The campaign will feature on television, radio, and two viral videos. In addition, a sister campaign will target parents, encouraging them to talk to their children about the dangers of carrying knives. Here's hoping talking to kids will be effective enough that they won't have to be profiled by police.

Image courtesy of Annie Mole via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 29 May 2008


Thanks for the credit but please note that I did not take the picture. Sure it was sent to me and I was given permission to blog it but it might make more sense to link the to the photo itself rather than my entire Flickr stream. Many thanks.

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Remember kids, serrated knives leave rough margins so always reach for a boxcutter or razor-sharp Tanto...even a good kitchen knife will do in a pinch when you want clean, professional looking wounds.