“Rape is Like Being Force-Fed Chocolate Cake” Blogs BNP Official

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“Rape is Like Being Force-Fed Chocolate Cake” Blogs BNP Official

Not only can blogging wage war on your health, but public figures are getting in trouble for their online opinions. The BNP’s Nick Eriksen learnt this the hard way last week, after he was sacked as the party's London Assembly candidate for publishing jaw-droppingly obtuse views on rape on his blog. The post has since been removed, but luckily journalists were quick to spot the following:

"Rape is simply sex (I am talking about 'husband-rape' here)... Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal…To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence.”

Yeah. Whoa.

Londonist wants to know how someone with these kinds of views can have possibly gotten as far as Eriksen has in government: up until now, his blog has been either ignored or praised by fellow BNP leaders, including one entry in 2005 describing career women as “unnatural and vile.” Eriksen claimed his commentary sought to “stimulate debate”.

Almost 80% of rapes are “acquaintance rapes,” or sexual acts forced upon women by someone they know. Partner/husband rapes are the most common, and according to a 2000 British Crime Survey, strangers were responsible for a mere 8% of the rape victims surveyed. So no, Eriksen, rape is not exactly, nearly, or approximately anything remotely like eating cake, and whoever the perpetrator is, rape is by definition violent, and is never “simply” sex, whether or not it is instigated by a husband.

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You can still access the post here:


So, ok. Here’s my take on this. Exactly what do I need to do to be elected as an official in any country in the “civilized” world, these days? I mean, you can have made a complete wreck of your life, and as long as you “get in front of it”. No-one will judge you, as a matter of fact; you can write a really great book and make a shitload of money!! I mean, I know I’ve got skeletons in my closet,( at least they sure do keep making a racket in there, I wish they would quiet down, I throw them a bone once in a while, gotta keep ‘em company), but come on, getting raped is likened to getting chocolate shoved down your throat?? Maybe somewhere out there I can begin to campaign for the crackdown of the super-stupid remarks made by our lovely elected officials. Gotta get them where it hurts, I’ll run against them, they think they got troubles NOW! I’m gonna advocate having chocolate shoved somewhere I believe they will most enjoy it, in my humble opinion. And that’s just for starters.. how’s about having the hookers and other such acquaintances have a little forum of their own, no holds barred? It won’t hurt the credibility of the afore-mentioned official, gives them more street credit! All will be appeased, and applauded, look at little miss Amy Winehouse, nice voice, scary as hell. However, we love and adulate her, ‘cuz she was a very naughty girl. Yaayy!! There are no right or wrongs, here folks. Just good old fashioned let’s just spit in everybody’s face and call it a day, and oh, by the way, can this Brit get re-elected? You bet he can. We’ll just say it was taken out of context. Yeah, and then do a stint in a sex-appreciation rehab…I think there is one out there named “Do me with DARK Chocolate, dummy”. He’ll come out a much better person, I guarantee it.


I have been raped numerous times and I like it. In fact I dress like a whore and go to all the clubs hoping some big burly man will rape the fuck out of me.


wow, did I go out there. And got side-tracked, off on some silly tangent, sorry about that. Thanks for the post site...he's quite the article. I realize there are those who just despise women for whatever has happened to them in their past, but it does blow my mind how vitrolic his hatred and disregard are. Wonder if he dates, much. Doubtful. Ahh, the total bliss of ignorance. Good to surround yourself with like-minded gents, I suppose it helps to feel right. Good luck to him, maybe one day he'll fall in love, and she'll shove some chocolate down his throat, and he will then be in heaven!


Your commentary is much appreciated, Ilikea!! (And thanks for the post, arulprasad, gotta love google cache standing in the way of bloggers attempting to cover up their previous idiocy.)

And you're right, Ilikea, I would not be surprised if he was allowed to remain within the party or even was elected as their top choice for LA seat in another election round, thanks to some Dark Chocolate rehab. Vitriol like his astounds me every time, and I have to remind myself that there is a rather astonishing amount of people out there, even in a fast-paced, supposedly equality-friendly western society as ours, that are seething with ignorance and hatred thanks to God knows what Freudian hang-up. Anyway, for reading and sharing your thoughts...!


If this person was in America he would have been tarred and feathered and sent packing. I feel like everyone should speak out on this. Some people don't even like the taste of chocolate.


High Priest of CCC

The Church of Chocolate Cake has to disagree strongly with his statement because it suggests that Chocolate Cake is still something good and desirable, even when force-fed. This is simply not true, and only throws a bad light upon us devout believers in Chocolate Cake.



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Are we in the dark ages?


I may well be reported for this and for once I don't actually care...
To belittle all the people of the world that have been raped or abused by a spouse or otherwise is just sick.

The guy is a misogynist and if I ever see him I will take great joy in doing the things that Ellen Page did in the film 'Hard Candy' only I am an adult and can think of some even harsher forms of torture.

Maybe anally gang rape this bloke and see if it is then a case of 'Men enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal'

If I were you Mr Eriksen I would run and hide.....


Inexcusable! Rape is rape. It destroys lives. I should know - I've had mine messed up... The ignorance of Nick Eriksen is mindboggling....someone need to educate him in whatever way will get the message across: rape is a crime, assault, a little death (or sometimes, a bigger one). GROW UP, Nick!