Direct Hit Scored On Gorgeous George

Dean Nicholas
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Direct Hit Scored On Gorgeous George
George Galloway

Eagle-eyed Londoners may have spotted an open-topped "battle bus" doing the rounds recently, Aretha Franklin's "Respect" blaring out and a hirsute gentleman, familiar to reality TV fans and US Congressmen alike, bopping away atop it with a megaphone and a cheeky smile.

Yes, it's is none other than George Galloway and his Respect chums on maneuvers. Despite an acrimonious row between Galloway and the pro-SWP goons last year over control of the party (prompting the Borgesian adage, like two bald men fighting over a comb), Respect limps on, and indeed George is running as a London Assembly candidate in next week's election.

Somebody wasn't too impressed by the Bethnal Green & Bow MP's campaign though: Galloway was left "dazed" yesterday as he was pinged on the head by a rubber ball while campaigning in Holborn.

The principled anti-war campaigner / Saddam chum / cat impersonator (take your pick) was stunned by the impact of the object and lost his balance, cracking his skull on the side of the bus. Fear not, though - despite a "nasty bruise" on his temple, Galloway has vowed to carry on his campaigning.

An office worker was arrested by police on suspicion of being the ball-thrower; whether he was a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay, or just a regular rube who'd scored a direct hit on George's ample forehead, is not known at this time - however, Christopher Hitchens is not returning our calls.

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Last Updated 23 April 2008


Hurrah! A ping on the head is the least he deserves. Not that I'm advocating violent action against people I don't like - it's just that some of us remember his fawning speech in the Mother of All Palaces in Baghdad many moons ago....Saddam chum? More like Saddam's bought-and-paid-for cheerleading lickspittle court jester... Oh go on then, ping him again!

And I dunno if Respect have asked Aretha's permission for that song cos last time we spoke she was like totally in the tank for Boris.

Working Class Hero

Hurrah indeed. Probably his first contact with reality for some time.


It probably isn't too difficult to hit George Galloway's head, given the size of the man's ego. Good on that office worker.


The Risspeck (innit) battle-bus keeps on going past my office in Paddington and pissing us all off mightily.

When it went past our flat in Bow, my dear flatmate Richard was so incensed by George "Saddam, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatiguability" Galloway that, ginormous hangover notwithstanding, he levitated out of bed and leaped to the balcony, then screamed obscenities ("YOU C***" was his favourite, he said) at the offending/offensive MP. Bless.


According to the Sun, the less-than enthusiastic reaction to the battle bus campaign has got George a little upset: he allegedly shoved someone in the chest after the heckler dis-Respected the MP by mocking his saluting of Saddam's "indefatigability".

Maybe it was your flatmate? If so, good on him!