Sunday Lunch: The Eagle

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Sunday Lunch: The Eagle

Let Londonist help you celebrate one of Britain’s most cherished traditions, the Sunday Lunch.

The Eagle

159 Farringdon Road EC1R 3AL

Nearest Tube:


0207 837 1353

12.30pm-3.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm (Monday-Saturday)

12.30pm-3.30pm (Sunday)

Expect to Pay: We’ve never seen any mains listed for more than £12 on the blackboard

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Having the (dubious?) distinction of being the first pub to call itself a “gastropub,” The Eagle is the sort of place to keep in mind for special occasions and for wowing out-of-towners. It’s an equally splendiferous spot for hunkering down on any lazy, nondescript Sunday afternoon. That is, of course, if you can get there early enough to grab a table. We’ve never seen this pub empty and have rarely seen it not less than packed to the rafters. You probably wouldn’t even be alone waiting on the pavement if you showed up a bit before the doors opens at 12.30pm. Considering all the phenomenal pubs within crawling distance of the mighty Eagle, its popularity is a real testament to how brilliant this place is.

The Eagle’s menu skews gloriously toward Spanish, but they do proper British dishes and more as well (don’t worry - you can get your roast and Yorkshire pudding fix here). On our last visit, we were shocked to find how quickly a sampler plate of salmon, kippers, boquerones, and mackerel escabiche crustini disappeared between two diners. Soon enough, our focus shifted to devouring a perfect bowl of potaje de garbanzos. The coffee’s good and strong here and the beer is a quality selection (Staropramen please!). Service is friendly and efficient, especially given how strapped they usually are.

All we can say is go. And if you get there before Londonist, save us a seat!

Photography by Chris Osburn © 2008

Last Updated 09 February 2008


Blimey, a pub in Faringdon open on a Sunday? It's worth going to just for that alone...


Yeah, but please note that on Sundays they close at 3.30.


what is it about the area that just shuts down on a Sunday???


More workers than residents? But, among the few pubs and restaurants that are open on Sunday, there are some extremely fantastic options (with The Eagle being one of the best). Hit up some locals (like me) for more Farringdon/Clerkenwell weekend food advice!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Siany!!!


The one next to the station is pretty good too... is it the Castle?


Yes. There is a pub called the Castle that's near the station. I'm not sure if it's open on Sunday (don't think). But either way, it probably wouldn't be on any list of extremely fantastic options.