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Preview: Buy a London Borough

By Zoe Craig Last edited 112 months ago
Preview: Buy a London Borough

In the late 90s, I knew a bloke who cut up an A-Z, and wallpapered the hall of his flat with the pages. It was great for checking where you were headed before popping out to meet someone. Artist Stephen Walter's gone a step further, drawing his own, unique, geographically accurate version of London. The Island: London Series is a graphite drawing of our fair city comprised of cartoon-ish buildings, signposts, historical details and quirky nomenclature.Some of the places you may be less (or, of course, more) familiar with include V&Aville, Woppin, Roverhive and N Field, to name but a few. St Pancras is just shown as a roadworks sign. Some of the central areas in this mammoth two-year project require a magnifying glass to make out. The main piece is being displayed alongside drawings of the 33 individual London boroughs in the crypt at St Pancras Church from Monday.Brilliantly, you can get your hands on a limited-edition, specially commissioned print, and have your own borough on your wall. Beats cutting up conventional maps.Stephen Walter - The Island Series. 11 Feb-2 Mar at The Crypt, St Pancras Street, Euston Road, NW1. They're expecting demand for the inner boroughs to be very high. Find out more, and have a look at your preferred borough at www.tagfinearts.com.

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